As a logical complement for its synthesis activities, Roowin developed a good expertise in chemical analysis. Complying with ICH (International Conference on Harmonization) guidelines and being able to operate under cGMP conditions, Roowin currently offers the following services:

  • Analysis on demand, following existing methods
  • Chiral or non-chiral separation services
  • Development and/or validation of analytical methods for customer products

Roowin can thus serve as a rapid and efficient external resource complementing or replacing a customer’s internal analytical capabilities. Upon request, Roowin can also identify, characterize and synthesize unknown impurities.

Since Roowin continously adds equipments to improve his analytical and separative chemistry capabilities, this list is non-exhaustive.

Our facilities include:

  • One Analytical laboratory for all development and non-cGMP analysis
  • One Quality Control laboratory for all development and cGMP analysis
  • 2 NMR: 300 NMR multi nodes (H, C, F, N, P) with automatic sampler & 500 NMR multi nodes (H, C, F, N, P)

  • 5 GC Systems: 2 GC-FID, 1 GC/Headspace-FID, 1 GC/MS & 1 Headspace-GC/MS

  • 2 UPLC/MS

  • 11 HPLC: 2 VWD, 7 DAD, 1ELSD, 1 RI

  • 1 Ionic Chromatography

  • Capillary electrophoresis