Roowin has many years experience in organic synthesis. The combined knowledge and expertise of our laboratory heads permitted us until today to solve even the most difficult challenges in custom synthesis.

Roowin can work on well-known syntheses or establish the required routes independently. Our access to all well­known chemistry journals facilitates this process. Essentially, we can manage projects as independently as our customers desire from paper to final batch.

Communication is one of our key-assets. We believe that transparency and efficient, regular reporting is at the bottom of every successful collaboration. Complete reports of the work performed can be provided at the end of every project.

Roowin run syntheses in a scale starting from 50mg, for medicinal chemistry, up to several dozen kilograms.

Roowin make process development and process optimization.

A very broad range of reactions is available: hydrogenation, bromination, nitration, Curtius reaction, chiral chemistry, chiral separation, photochemistry, cytotoxic reactions etc.

Our facilities include:

  • 1 fully equipped R&D laboratories for process development and the synthesis of advanced intermediates
  • Kilo laboratory: 2 Glass lined vessels 25 L, 2 Glass lined vessels 50 L, 1 100 L glass lined vessel working form -20°C to +130°C.

  • Process development: A multimax with 4 reactors (50 mL) fully controlled by PC and fully independent (temperature, stirring and addition of reactants)
  • Glove box dedicated to handle cytotoxic and sterile products
  • Hydrogenation: 100 mL, 300 mL, 1 L (120 bar, 350°C) and 2 L (140 bar, 350°C)

  • Chromatography: half preparative and preparative with normal, inverse and chiral phases