The management of drug discovery programs requires specialized competences in organic chemistry.

Within the framework of research contracts, Roowin’s partners acquire access to its chemical knowledge while Roowin takes care of the totality of the chemical developments necessary to the project.

Thus, our partners take advantage of Roowin’s broad experience gained over many years in many chemistry-related disciplines. The flexibility offered during such collaborations and the real-time access to project-related information grants our customers the highest degree of efficiency and satisfaction.

An additional benefit while working with Roowin is the range of services offered. Since we can accompany our customers from early lead optimization through scale-up and small-scale GMP synthesis up to medium scale GMP manufacturing, a transfer of knowledge to other partners is not required throughout the entire drug discovery process.

Our facilities include:

  • 2 fully equipped R&D laboratories for medicinal chemistry and the synthesis of advanced intermediates
  • Glove box dedicated to handle cytotoxic and sterile products
  • Hydrogenation: 100 mL, 300 mL (190 bar, 350°C)
  • Chromatography: automatic preparative purification system (Companion)
  • Photochemistry : 700 W laboratory photoreactor
  • Microwave chemistry: a microwave reactor with 20 mL cell working under pressure